New Hampshire's Charter Schools: A Growing Choice | New Hampshire Public Radio

New Hampshire's Charter Schools: A Growing Choice

Oct 26, 2015

New Hampshire now has 25 of these alternative public schools, after a spate of rapid growth. We’ll look at some of the themes raised in NHPR’s recent series, A Growing Choice.  These include how charter schools are funded, who their students are, and what overall role they play in public education. 


  • Michael Brindley - Morning Edition producer at NHPR
  • Paul Leather - Deputy Commission of Education in the N.H. Dept. of Education
  • Tom Raffio - Chairman of the N.H. State Board of Education
  • Matt Southerton - co-founder and director of the N.H. Center for Innovative Schools, which supports charter schools

You can listen to NHPR's  series on charter schools, A Growing Choicehere.