New Hampshire Granted NCLB Waiver Extension

Aug 7, 2015


Credit Photo Credit woodleywonderworks via Flickr Creative Commons

New Hampshire is among seven states that have been granted extensions from certain provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act.

The federal government grants waivers from parts of the law to qualified states in exchange for state-developed plans designed to improve educational outcomes for students, close achievement gaps, increase equity and improve the quality of instruction.

New Hampshire on Thursday was granted an additional year of flexibility. The U.S. Department of Education said the state updated its student-level data-collection system to provide educators with user-friendly information in a more timely fashion, and has developed a network to provide educators throughout the state with opportunities to share success stories and seek advice from each other.

Arkansas and Arizona also received one-year renewals. Alabama, Connecticut, Mississippi and Wisconsin got three-year waivers.