New Hampshire Gas Prices Still Dropping

Aug 10, 2015

Credit Via Flickr CC

Gas prices may continue to fall in New Hampshire for much of the rest of 2015.

The latest survey of gas prices from Sunday showed a median price of $2.53 per gallon. That’s 6 cents per gallon cheaper than prices of a week ago, and 17 cents per gallon below those of a month ago.

GasBuddy Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says gas prices are returning to what they were before they rose at the start of summer. “A lot of the reason for [the rise] is that refinery maintenance and gasoline supply is very tight to start summer driving season,” DeHaan says. “But over time, that supply increases.”

DeHaan says since crude oil prices remain low, he expects gas prices to drop again in the fall, as overall demand decreases and the industry switches to less expensive winter-grade fuel.