New Hampshire Community Health Centers Win Over $800,000 in Federal Awards

Aug 22, 2018

Manchester Community Health Center was among the eight community health centers in New Hampshire that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services designated as a "Health Center Quality Leader" in 2018.

Ten community health centers in New Hampshire are splitting over $835,000 in federal grants to improve health care delivery. 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded the money last week after reviewing the performance of all 1,400 federally qualified health centers in the United States. Eight of the ten centers in New Hampshire receiving awards were also named “Health Center Quality Leaders” for ranking in the top 30th percent of centers nationwide. 

Jonathan Brown is the clinic director of Harbor Homes in Nashua, which focuses on providing health services to the homeless. Harbor Homes received over $100,000 dollars. Most community health centers receive some level of award from DHHS in recognition of their work, and Brown says the money is particularly helpful because it does not come with same amount of stipulations that accompany most grant funding. 

Centers can use the awards for a variety of "quality improvement efforts," which could include anything from improving behavioral health screenings to hiring interpreters and community outreach workers.