New Hampshire AG Delays Release Of Police Shooting Video

Aug 6, 2015

Image taken from the body cam from a Haverhill police officer in the July 6 shooting.

The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office is delaying public release of the police body camera video of the fatal shooting of man in Bath, due to legal action by the man's family.

The attorney for the man's ex-wife and children filed a petition in Merrimack County Superior Court on Wednesday to halt the public release of the video of the shooting of 42-year-old Hagan Esty-Lennon of Canterbury.

The attorney general's office, after reviewing the videotapes of the shooting, on Friday deemed the shooting by two Haverhill police officers to be justified. The images show Esty-Lennon lunging at the officers with a knife moments before he was shot.

The videos were shown to Esty-Lennon's family on Monday and Tuesday, and were supposed to be publicly released Wednesday.