The New Class of State Legislators: We Talk To Four First-Time Representatives

Dec 17, 2018

Clockwise from top left: Joe Alexander (R), Jackie Chretien (D), Lisa Bunker (D), and Dennis Acton (R)
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In 2018, New Hampshire elected one of its youngest, most diverse, state legislatures. We talk to four new representatives from around the state about why they ran, their personal and professional backgrounds, and what they're looking forward to when the legislature convenes in January. 


  • Dennis Acton - Republican from Fremont (Rockingham District 33). He is an Army veteran and has spent time in Haiti helping amputees and others disabled by the earthquake. 
  • Joe Alexander Jr. - Republican from Goffstown (Hillsborough District 6) and is a student at the Carsey School for Public Policy at UNH. He is the youngest Republican legislator, and the only openly gay Republican serving at the Statehouse. 
  • Lisa Bunker - Democrat from Exeter (Rockingham District 18). She is one of two openly transgender legislators elected to the Statehouse this year. She is an author and former program director for a community radio station in Maine. 
  • Jackie Chretien - Democrat and mother of three from Manchester (Hillsborough District 42, Manchester Wards 1, 2, and 3). She has a PhD in biology from UC Berkeley and works full time from home in science research.