New Civics 101 Season: Starter Kit

Jul 11, 2019

The latest season of Civics 101 goes back to the basics, explaining how the government works and how it’s structured. The first two episodes of the Starter Kit season have been released, and four more episodes are in the works.

The award-winning podcast from New Hampshire Public Radio presents the foundational knowledge for understanding how the U.S. government functions, with helpful insights into each branch of government, how bills become laws and federalism explained. In true Civics 101 fashion, each episode features the voices of experts like historians and civics teachers and some signature wit and cheer from hosts Nick Capodice and Hannah McCarthy.

“This season of Civics 101 provides listeners with the foundations for understanding our government and the foundations on which our nation is built,” Executive Producer Erika Janik said.

The first episode is available for download, with subsequent episodes available on successive Tuesdays, July 9-Aug. 6. The full season is below:

Checks and Balances: July 2

The U.S. government is uniquely designed to ward off power grabs and keep itself in check. How is that accomplished? Through the democratic processes of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

Executive Branch: July 9

The Executive Branch carries out and enforces laws—with each part serving a unique purpose.

Legislative Branch: July 16

As the name suggests, this branch of government is responsible for drafting laws. It’s made up of the House and the Senate but how are those houses structured? And what’s a typical day like?

Judicial Branch: July 23

Responsible for interpreting the laws, the Judicial Branch includes the highest court in the land: the Supreme Court. How do cases end up before the Supreme Court and what powers does the court have?

Federalism: July 30

A deeper look at the division of power in the U.S. between the federal government and the states. Some powers are reserved for the states while others are the domain of the national government. But how are these powers delineated between federal and state governments? 

How a Bill Becomes a Law: August 6

Every law begins as a proposal, but it’s a long road to travel from bill to law. What are the steps involved and what hurdles must a bill overcome?

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