New 'Career Academy' Aims To Link High Schoolers To Free Degrees

Jan 30, 2020

Credit Sarah Gibson, NHPR

High schoolers looking to go to community college early - and get a free associates degree - can now apply for a new program called the New Hampshire Career Academy.

The Career Academy will enroll up to 40 students. Rather than send money to the student's home districts, the state will pay for their tuition at a nearby community college, offering training in fields like biotech, cybersecurity, and healthcare.

Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut hopes the program will open doors for students who normally might just be trying to get through their senior year.

“So now, rather than having them tread water for a year, we keep them mission-focused and focused on earning that post-secondary or certificate program,” Edelblut said.

Students can apply for the program until April first.