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National Accolades for NHPR

Jul 6, 2020

NHPR is the winner of four first-place awards in a prestigious national journalism competition. Each June, the Public Media Journalists Association (PMJA) honors the best work being done by local public media stations and journalists across the country.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the PMJA held its first ever Virtual Awards Gala to honor the winners. The PMJA presented 179 awards, representing 84 news organizations across the country.

In Division A, NHPR received four first-place citations: Arts Feature, Commentary, Series and Writing. This year marks the second consecutive year that NHPR was named the top winner in the Commentary, Series and Writing categories. In addition for 2020, the station also received two second-place citations in the Breaking News and News Feature categories.

“Public media journalism serves a vital role in maintaining public accountability, building community, and illuminating stories of people, places and our society - stories that are always at risk of going untold,” said Dan Barrick, news director at NHPR. “It’s always gratifying to have the support and respect of other colleagues throughout the public media system, embodied by these PMJA awards each year.”

The award-winning reports:

Arts Feature:  

First Place – Behind A Stolen Painting, An Artist With A Remarkable

Life Story

Reporter Todd Bookman profiles a New Hampshire artist who honed his craft during a stint in state prison.


First Place – How to Wish, What to Wish For

Reporter Sean Hurley recalls a sweet parenting moment, when his son Sam came up with his own way of wishing, and a special thing to wish for.


First Place – Adequate: How a State Decides the Value of Public Education

A special series from NHPR’s Sarah Gibson explored New Hampshire’s ongoing challenge in funding public schools, and the impact of state policy on people’s day to day lives.


First Place – Poor? Found Not Guilty? N.H. Sends You A Bill, Anyway

Through the story of one man, reporter Todd Bookman’s piece probed how indigent defendants in New Hampshire are still required to pay for part of their legal defense – even in cases when innocence is proven or charges are dropped.

Breaking News:

Second Place – Dozens Arrested At Protest Outside New England’s Largest Coal Power Plant

NHPR’s Annie Ropeik reported from the scene of a fast moving protest, where hundreds called for action on climate change.

News Feature:

Second Place – Held for 20 Days: How N.H.’s Shortage of Mental Health Beds Erodes Patients’ Rights

Reporter Jason Moon looked at a court battle between the state of New Hampshire, the ACLU and nearly two dozen hospitals – a battle with serious ramifications for how the state treats individuals undergoing a mental health crisis.


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