In Nashua, Sanders Touts Tuition-Free College, Chides GOP Family Values

Dec 15, 2015

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at Nashua Community College on Monday.
Credit NHPR/Sheryl Rich-Kern

Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is back in the Granite State this week. He spent part of Monday afternoon in Nashua, where he courted students.

Sanders stood behind the podium in a large classroom at Nashua Community College on Monday afternoon. He tailored his remarks for the setting and his audience – about 100 community college students.

Sanders talked about increasing funds for public education, from early childhood learning to college.

"Our job is to tap all of your intellectual capability. We need you. And that is why I’m fighting to make certain that public colleges and universities, including community colleges, are tuition free. Now how are we going to pay for it? We’re going to pay for it through a tax on Wall Street speculation."

Sanders told the students he represents the working class and is the only candidate who doesn’t take money from Super PACs.

During the hour, Sanders also touched on the economy, climate change, a single-payer healthcare system, and ISIS. 

He also criticized what he described as the Republican party’s stance on family values.

"What their family values are about is telling every woman in New Hampshire and in the United States that a woman can’t control her own body. And Republican family values are about are telling our gay brothers and sisters that they can’t get married. I strongly disagree."