Nashua Recovery Beds in Jeopardy As Funds Run Out

Dec 11, 2017

Nashua could soon lose 11 recovery beds for people battling drug addiction. That’s if the nonprofit that runs the beds doesn’t get the money needed to keep them open.

The nonprofit Harbor Homes runs the 11 beds for the city's Safe Station’s Program, where those who need help for substance abuse can walk into Nashua’s fire stations anytime for help. Besides shelter, the center offers medical care, counseling, and food. 

But these beds will only be funded by the state until the end of next month and more money won't be available until July.

Harbor Homes CEO Peter Kelleher said he’s been trying to find the needed $150,000 elsewhere but hasn't had any luck.

“It’s proven to be a life-saving opportunity for people especially at a time when it’s just beginning to show signs that the initiative is starting to work for people in that magic moment of recovery," Kelleher said, stressing that it is vital these beds remain available.

More than 800 people have sought treatment through the program over the past year.