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Nashua OK's Funding for New Drug Recovery Coach

Dec 13, 2017

The Nashua Board of Aldermen Tuesday night approved funding for a citywide recovery coach for those battling drug addiction. But it wasn’t without a lengthy debate.

The measure passed 10 to 3. Those against it argued the plan needed more time to be vetted.

But many aldermen, like Tom Lopez, said there isn’t any time to wait.

“Getting them up and running and getting them online immediately is a priority because people are looking for recovery right now – they are risking their relapse right now," Lopez told his colleagues.

"It’s the holiday season, it is a particularly difficult time for people trying to find sobriety, and if we have a resource sitting on the table that we could deploy – we have to do it.”

The city’s recovery center, Revive Recovery, is charged with hiring the new coach, at a salary of $42,000. The position will start next month and it will be piloted for one year.