Nashua Catholic Church To Reopen - For Latin Mass

May 23, 2016

New Hampshire's Catholic diocese says it's reopening a church in Nashua for fans of the Latin Mass. 

Saint Stanislaus parish is set to reopen in August, and will celebrate Mass in the style used before the changes of the Second Vatican Council about fifty years ago.

Diocese spokesperson Tom Bebbington says the parish's special function will be similar to how parishes like Saint Stanislaus were originally established to serve a particular ethnic group - "the French-speaking parish, or the Polish-speaking parish or the German-speaking parish," Bebbington says. "In this particular instance, it's a parish set up for people who want to have the Mass and other sacraments in the old Latin rite."

Saint Stanislaus was combined with Saint Aloysius of Gonzaga parish more than a decade ago.

Since then it's been home to a food pantry, which the diocese says will remain open.