Muddy! Snowy! Buggy! Beautiful! Memorial Day Weekend Hiking Conditions in the Whites

May 24, 2019

Trails in the White Mountains could be more challenging this holiday weekend. As NHPR’s Sean Hurley reports many still show signs of winter.

It may be summer in New Hampshire but Frank Carus, with the Forest Service,  says most of our taller peaks don’t know it yet. "We've had a lot of snow," Carus says, "and you're going to run into snow anywhere between 3,500 hundred and 4000 feet."

Long before you reach that snow, he says, most trails are going to be muddy and wet. "Almost every trail at some point becomes an open watercourse, a stream bed. And in the springtime they're just flowing water," Carus says.

Snow up top, rivers below…Add to that, ticks, black flies and rapidly changing weather conditions.

Carus says, the main message, as always, is to be careful and prepared.