Mother of Man Killed By New Hampshire Police Wants Answers

Jun 28, 2016


Lane Lesko

The mother of a 19-year-old Michigan man shot by police in New Hampshire says she was told by the state Attorney General's office that he was brandishing a BB gun and running away when he was shot.

Lane Lesko, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, died of a single gunshot wound on Tuesday on Route 136 in Peterborough. The Attorney General's office has not said which department nor released the names of the officer involved in the case.

Lesko's mother, Patricia Lesko, told The Associated Press that she wanted to know the "truth" about how her son died and questioned how he could have brandished a gun while running away.

Jeff Strelzin, of the Attorney General's office, acknowledged talking to the mother but said he said he never used the word brandish.