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Most N.H. Rite Aid Pharmacies To Stock Narcan


Most Rite Aid drug stores in New Hampshire will now stock Narcan.

If administered early enough, the drug can save lives by reversing an overdose.  

Pharmacies with a standing doctor’s order can distribute Narcan to anyone who asks for it – just like a flu shot. On Monday, Rite Aid became the first pharmacy franchise to get a standing order for Narcan at all its pharmacies in the state. The company has committed to stocking drug at most of its 69 NH locations.  

It’s been 7 months since a law went into effect making Narcan available to anybody in the state. The drug’s roll out has been “really slow going,” says Amanda Bouldin, who sponsored the bill. “people were calling me complaining their doctor’s didn’t understand the new law.”

Bouldin says she also plans to introduce a bill making Narcan available over the counter, so even more individuals can get access. 

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