Morning Edition - Programming Note

Aug 7, 2018


NPR is implementing some changes to its Morning Edition broadcast. Here's a Q&A guide that explains more about the changes and how it may impact what you hear when you tune in weekday mornings to NHPR.   

What’s Happening?

Beginning on Monday, August 13, listeners to NHPR may notice some slight changes to the Morning Edition broadcast.

To better reflect listening habits and changing patterns in news consumption, National Public Radio (NPR) is revising its Morning Edition clock.

Why Is This Happening?

NHPR is a member station of National Public Radio (NPR), which brings Morning Edition to New Hampshire. Thus, any changes NPR makes to its Morning Edition clock are incorporated into NHPR’s coverage of Morning Edition with Rick Ganley.

NPR periodically makes changes to the morning clock; the last major change took place in 2014.

What’s a Clock?  

The ‘clock’ refers to the sequence and timing of how NPR Morning Edition segments, local NHPR segments, and airtime for promotion and other common features of the morning broadcast are delivered on-air to you—the listener.

What will Morning Edition Sound Like?

The updated clock is intended to provide deeper dives into the top news of the day. Local and national newscasts will run at the top of the hour, and again at mid-way through the hour—giving listeners the balance of national content they’ve come to love and the pertinent info from New Hampshire that we know our listeners want to hear.

Why Did NPR Change the Clock?

Extensive research and feedback from NPR member stations reveals that with ever-evolving technologies, people are consuming their news in different ways.

As it related to Morning Edition, NPR research found that rather than airing multiple newscasts throughout the hour that “skim” national and international level topics, listeners will be better served by making room for more in-depth reporting segments. This change fits with confirmed listener habits—a tendency for people to “skim” or gather quick overview news from other sources, while looking to NPR and public radio for more substantive, in-depth reporting that goes beyond the headlines.

Still the Same Great NHPR!

When the clock changes go into effect, NHPR listeners will still hear national and international stories reflective of Morning Edition, as well as regional news affecting New Hampshire communities.

Morning Edition remains the best option for folks starting their day and awaking to see what’s going on in the world and what happened in the news overnight, as well as the latest New Hampshire news.

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