More Groups Demand DOE Remove Consultants They Claim Were Selected By Northern Pass

Oct 24, 2012

Nine organizations have joined the Conservation Law Foundation in asking that the U.S. Department of Energy fire the firms selected to conduct an environmental impact statement on the Northern Pass project because of a conflict-of-interest.

NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

Earlier this month the Conservation Law Foundation released emails it forced the  Department of Energy to hand over under the Freedom of Information Act.

They appeared to show a Northern Pass lawyer recommended the three firms the federal agency later hired to conduct the crucial environmental impact statement.

Now other organizations have joined the law foundation in a letter to DOE saying the three companies must be replaced.

Christophe Courchesne is with the Conservation Law Foundation.

“The public wants a fair process.”

The organizations include the Appalachian Mountain Club and The Forest Society as well as several groups formed specifically to fight Northern Pass.

Senators Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen and Rep. Charlie Bass have also sent letters to DOE expressing concern.

A Northern Pass spokesman has dismissed the complaint as an attempt to slow the project.

A DOE spokeswoman previously told NHPR that the process was correct and not influenced by Northern Pass.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen