With Moose Numbers On Decline, Fish And Game To Cut Back On Hunting Permits

Jan 28, 2014

Credit Brady Carlson

New Hampshire Fish and Game officials say they plan to reduce the number of moose hunting permits issued this year in response to the continued decline of the animal in some parts of the state.

The lottery for this year’s moose hunting permits opened on Tuesday.

More than 13,000 people entered the lottery last year, with 275 permits issued.

Fish and Game doesn’t yet know how many permits it will issue this year.

Wildlife Programs Supervisor Kent Gustafson says permit reductions are likely in parts of the state that have seen moose numbers decline.

It’s estimated the state’s current moose population is about 4,000, down from about 7,600 in 1996.

Fish and Game recently launched a four-year program monitoring of the state’s moose population.

The state’s annual moose hunt will take place over a nine-day period in October.