Mitt Romney Joins Scott Brown On N.H. Campaign Trail

Oct 15, 2014

Mitt Romney on the primary campaign trail in N.H. in 2012
Credit Tracy Lee Carroll for NHPR

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney hit the campaign trail with GOP senate candidate Scott Brown Wednesday.

Romney told a crowd of supporters that voting out Jeanne Shaheen was a way to send a message to the the President.

Romney and Brown rallied voters at the Gilchrist Metal Fabricating, a stop Romney used during his presidential run. The former Massachusetts governor said there is a “big ravine” between  what  Jeanne Shaheen says in NH and what she does in Washington, which is support the president’s agenda without fail.

“His policies are on the ballot and the name of those polices is Jeanne Shaheen, which is why she’s got to go.”

When it was Scott Brown’s turn he stressed the nearness of the election and urged the crowd work for his campaign every day.

“Let’s send a very powerful message to Washington DC that we are very tired of business as usual. We are tired of them chipping away our rights and freedoms. We are tired and can I count on your support.”

State democrats sought to blunt Romney’s visit by pointing out that Romney and Brown have both profited – Romney as an investor, and Brown as a board member – of companies that have moved domestic jobs overseas.