Merrimack Residents Frustrated After Two Years Dealing With Water Contamination

May 10, 2018

Residents in and around Merrimack are nearing the end of a two-year struggle with contaminated drinking water.

Hundreds of private water wells near the Saint Gobain plastics factory have been contaminated during that time with suspected carcinogens called PFCs

The company is now paying to connect affected homes to public water supplies, a process that could stretch into next year.

It means more waiting for residents like Karen Slez, who’s been drinking bottled water since the contamination was found. She attended a meeting Wednesday in Merrimack to talk with state officials and contractors about how her new water line will be installed.

“I would love to sell my house this year, I’m trying to get out of my house, I don’t know how easy or hard that’ll be, but I think hooking up to town water will give it a boost," she said.

Some residents are frustrated they weren’t given a larger role in negotiations. And they want Saint Gobain to pay their new public water bills, which could total hundreds of dollars a year.

State officials say nothing prevents homeowners from suing Saint Gobain for damages directly.

Another public meeting is scheduled in Bedford on May 22nd