On Memorial Day, A Veteran Remembers The Fallen: ‘They Would Want Me to Tell Stories’

May 28, 2018

Cities and towns across New Hampshire held parades to commemorate fallen service members this Memorial Day.


In Manchester, Senator Maggie Hassan and Mayor Joyce Craig were there as the marching down Elm Street began.


Several local school bands provided the music as retired service vehicles rolled along.


Saeed Ahmed owns a gas station right on Elm Street and has a front-row seat to the parade every year.


"Those soldiers served their life for this country," Ahmed says. "They are heroes of this country, so I appreciate it."



Participants in Manchester's Memorial Day parade
Credit Robert Garrova for NHPR

Iraq War veteran Chris Clark says he came out to see his god daughter hold the flag for her school. But that's not the only reason he's here.

" [I] Lost a lot of friends. It's a dark day,” Clark says. “But they would want me to tell stories of all the good that we've done. ... And I will do that."


Clark was sure to shake hands with fellow veterans as they passed. He says he tries to make it a habit to say thank you.