Meet the Candidates Vying to Be New Hampshire's Next Governor

Jul 1, 2016

Credit NHPR Staff

 Fourth of July events can draw huge crowds - and in an election year, those crowds can draw candidates. If you're looking to learn a little bit more about New Hampshire political hopefuls before you see them in parades or catch their ads on TV, NHPR's newsroom has something that might help.

Our reporters have been putting together profiles of the candidates for governor - both on the air and online. They contain the backstory of each candidate - not just politically, but personally. You can listen to the feature stories reported for radio, but also read the candidates' virtual resumes, which contain much of the candidates' political, personal, and professional experiences.

These stories connect the dots between candidates and their records, whether in the business community, in previous offices they've held, or as staffers on other campaigns. It's a bit of a different perspective on who they are, which is a handy thing to have. Because after all, one of them is going to be New Hampshire's next governor.

Click here to see all the candidate profiles we've posted so far.