McCain Stumps for Romney in Portsmouth

Sep 18, 2012

Senator McCain speaking in Portsmouth
Credit Jonathan Lynch / NHPR

Senator John McCain was in New Hampshire stumping for presidential candidate Mitt Romney. 

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Portsmouth, McCain made the case for Mitt Romney to a gathering of veterans and their families.

Addressing the recent anti-American demonstrations in the Middle East, McCain called the president’s response to the attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya a “partial apology.”

He said under President Obama, America’s relationship with Israel had deteriorated to an all-time low and questioned the President’s commitment to see America lead the world:

“Mitt Romney believes in American exceptionalism and the President of the United States wants to go around apologizing for America and that’s not what America is all about.”

McCain likened Romney to Ronald Reagan, arguing the two had “similar instincts” on foreign policy, despite not having any formal experience.

McCain also held meetings in Nashua and Franklin earlier in the day.