McCain Backs Brown On Foreign Policy Campaign Stump

Oct 27, 2014

Senators Kelly Ayotte (l) and John McCain join Scott Brown on the campaign trail in Nashua
Credit Fred Bever for NHPR

Former GOP Presidential nominee John McCain was back in New Hampshire today, stumping for the Republican ticket.

In an appearance at the American Legion Hall, the Arizona Senator nodded in agreement as Republican senate candidate Scott Brown asserted that Shaheen should have joined in a letter that called on President Obama to leave a residual force in Iraq. The American people have been failed by the administration’s foreign policy, Brown says. 

“The half-steps and hesitations of the Obama administration not fulfilling that obligation to protect the government of Iraq, but also by Senator Shaheen endorsing that failed policy 99 percent of the time,” Brown said. “Those decisions have real consequences.”

Afterwards McCain said Shaheen has been a weak presence in the Senate’s foreign policy discussions. But he also had a warning for fellow Republicans.

“If we gain the majority in the Senate, which I believe we will, especially with Scott Brown winning, then we will have to present a positive agenda to the American people and show the American people that Republicans can govern,” McCain said.

McCain noted that public approval ratings for the GOP are even lower than Obama’s. Without a positive governing agenda, he says, the White House will be out of the party’s reach in 2016.