Mayor Donchess Unveils Plan to Incentivize More Solar Projects in Nashua

Mar 30, 2018

The City of Nashua announced today a new program to bring more solar power to the city.


Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess outlined the campaign at the Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter which switched on its own 131-panel solar array earlier this year.


It’s called the “Solarize + Campaign,” and the plan is to allow residents and local businesses to pool resources in order to get better deals on solar energy construction and efficiency improvements.


Madeleine Mineau is with the Community Development Division for Nashua and says the more people who join the campaign, the better the prices will get.


“We’ve been tracking the number of new solar projects in Nashua,” Mineau says. “And they actually peaked in 2015. And there’s been new ones, but less in 2016 and 2017. So we’re really hoping that this campaign will re-energize folks to take a really good look at investing in energy efficiency and solar for their properties.”


But it’s not just for putting new panels on your roof. Mineau says the ‘plus’ is because the city would like residents to increase energy efficiency and weatherization of their houses.


The City will select an installer to work with in May, then residents and businesses will have until the fall to take part in the program.


Mayor Donchess says the goal is to have at least 100 new solar installations added in Nashua.