Marking History: The Betty And Barney Hill Incident In Lincoln

Mar 28, 2014

New Hampshire is known for many things, but it holds a special place in the world of the extraterrestrial.

“The Betty and Barney Hill Incident” is considered to be the first widely reported alien abduction in the United States.

Their story lives on in the form of a historical marker along Route 3 in Lincoln.

The state put up the marker in 2011, fifty years after the events reportedly occurred.

As part of our ongoing series, “Marking History,” NHPR’s Michael Brindley met with Mike Stevens of Farmington, who led the effort to get the marker put up.

Stevens says while skeptics have come up with a number of theories debunking the Hill’s claims, he’s a believer. 

The Wikipedia entry on the reported abduction offers an extensive history.

The University of New Hampshire library has an archive of the event's history.

Watch the movie, "The UFO Incident," based on the Hill's story. It features a young James Earl Jones in the role of Barney Hill.