Market Basket Customers Support Boycott, Shop Elsewhere

Jul 29, 2014

Market Basket customers are responding to protests by shopping at competing supermarkets
Credit NNECAPA Photo Library via Flickr cc

Employees at Market Basket supermarkets across New England have entered their fifth week of protesting the ousting of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas. While workers continue to attend their shifts, customers are encouraged to boycott the chain by shopping elsewhere. Facing depleted shelves and “Save Artie T.” fervor, Concord shoppers are forgoing Market Basket bargains in favor of pricier groceries.

Outside Hannaford supermarket on Concord’s Fort Eddy Road, Barbara Smith of Concord confirms that she has not shopped at Market Basket since June.

"Not since they’ve had the strike. I went over [to Market Basket] last week, and I mean I buy a lot of produce, there’s nothing there.”

Walkouts by warehouse staff have limited deliveries of store stock. Meanwhile, customers remain frustrated over the lack of disclosure from the new Co-Chief Executive Officers, Felicia Thornton and James “Jim” Gooch.

“Yeah, it is very disappointing. Especially with the new CEO’s, I mean why don’t they come out and talk to the people. They’re sending out these statements from behind the Wizard of Oz curtain, pull the curtain and let’s talk, you know. I mean let’s talk, let’s have a dialogue; what are you afraid of?”

Market Basket board of directors met Monday to consider a possible buyout offer from Demoulas, but an agreement has yet to be made.