Map: Does Your Town Allow Fireworks?

Jul 3, 2014

Credit Martin Abbott, Flickr CC

Fireworks are legal in New Hampshire but not permitted in every town.

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According to the New Hampshire Fire Marshal’s Office, 18 communities ban fireworks, including cities like Nashua and Berlin and small towns like Madison. Most of the time these restrictions are obeyed without controversy. July fourth though, can be a different story.

Keith Chauvette is a lieutenant with the Goffstown Police. Fireworks have been banned there since 1988.

"Starting about this time of year we start getting the complaints of people setting fireworks off. You can have fun, but unfortunately we have to do our job and enforce the rules and laws that are on the book," says Chauvette. 

Safety officials say most firework ordinances are intended to protect the public, though they also reduce noise.

In most towns with bans, violators will face warnings or fines.

Below is a map with all the towns that responded to the Division of Fire Safety's survey.

Note: Not all towns responded. Know another town that has a ban? Email me and I'll add it to the map.