Manchester Superintendent Bolgen Vargas Surprises Mayor, School Board With Resignation

Jan 4, 2019

Manchester Superintendent Bolgen Vargas has abruptly resigned from his job leading the state’s largest school district.

In his resignation letter, Superintendent Vargas said only that “personal and professional” reasons were behind the move.

But some Manchester school board members, including Richard Girard, said a culture of constant bickering within their own ranks likely played a role in Vargas’ decision.

“There are all kinds of these petty little battles that just sap your will to live, let alone be a superintendent to schools,” said Girard.

Board member Katie Desrochers agreed.

“There are personal attacks that are just taking up so much time during meetings," said Desrochers. "I’m embarrassed to be a part of it at this point.”

Vargas earlier turned down a two year extension offered him by the school board. His resignation will take effect in 90 days.

Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig says the city will now launch a nationwide search for his replacement.