Manchester Police Now Equipped With Body Cameras

Dec 23, 2019

Credit NHPR File Photo

All Manchester Police officers will be wearing body cameras by the end of December. The department is hoping the new technology will improve transparency and public trust.

Officers will be able to record both audio and video when interacting with civilians.

Chief Carlo Capano says the cameras will help with looking into complaints against his department.

“It’s going to put everyone on an equal playing field,” Capano said. “So the officers will be able to have their side from the recordings. And the civilian making the complaint would have their side from the recording.”

Capano says it will allow the department to see exactly what happened.

He says the software system included with the cameras will also help with officer safety. It has GPS tracking and alerts dispatch when an officer is down.

Officers are required to notify civilians when they are recording. Under New Hampshire law, a person has the right to say they don't want to be recorded if they are in their own home, or any other place where someone would have a reasonable expectation of privacy.