Manchester Continues Year-Long School Improvement Plan

Nov 14, 2018

In its canvasing campaign, Manchester Proud says it has knocked on the doors of over 2,000 residents.
Credit Sarah Gibson for NHPR

Manchester is continuing to develop a plan for improving its schools. The initiative, called Manchester Proud, was started by the local business community this summer.

On Tuesday, members of the coalition gave an update to the school board about their efforts to gather input and develop an action plan.

Since September, they have knocked on the doors of over 2,000 residents to survey them about local schools.

David Scannell, a school board member, praised the coalition’s efforts.

"This is the most valid inclusive effort I’ve ever seen in the community and I’m so appreciative because it’s not easy," he said. "It is so much easier to sit back and send out a survey. Going out there and knocking on doors requires effort."

Some school board members said they were grateful for the coalition but were worried about follow-through or bias.