Listen Back to StoryCorps in NH

Oct 25, 2013

Interviews at the StoryCorps Mobile Booth begin with a question, but the exciting part is the answer. Because, whether it’s from someone we know and love, or from someone we’ve just met, the answer tells us something we didn’t know.

StoryCorps is celebrating 10 years of recording the stories of average Americans. We thought it would be a good time to listen back to some of the stories we recorded when the StoryCorps Mobile Booth came to Concord in 2007, and Berlin in 2009.


Credit StoryCorps

One of our favorite stories came from Gorham's Bill Hatch, whose brother went missing for decades: 

The Mobile Booth was in Berlin just weeks after NH legalized same-sex marriages. Kate Hartnett and Rachel Stuart, a long committed couple shared their "coming-out" experiences:

Karen House sat down with her mother, Norma Price. Norma told the story of how she met her husband and the secret they lived with:

Douglas Van Weeldon relived his experiences as a POW during World War II in Germany. He tells his daughter, Kathy, how he was shot down, imprisoned and eventually rescued:

Helen Burns told her friend Mary Jo Landry about growing up in a lumberjack camp in northern New Hampshire:

You don't have to wait for the Mobile Booth to come back to NH to record a loved one's story. It's a cinch - StoryCorps has some great tips on how you can record some stories.