Liquor Enforcement Chief Urges Banning Powdered Booze

Apr 20, 2015


Credit jordache/Flickr

New Hampshire's top liquor enforcement officer is telling consumers not to bother looking for powdered alcohol at the state's liquor stores.

Lawmakers in New Hampshire and Maine are considering moratoriums or bans on the powdered alcohol being marketed under the brand name Palcohol.

Vermont and five other states have banned its sale, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Jim Wilson, director of the New Hampshire Liquor Commission's Bureau of Enforcement, tells the Portsmouth Herald that the powdered booze in a pouch is prone to abuse by users.

Palcohol founder Mark Phillips says resistance to his product is being driven by liquor industry fears about competition.

Although Granite State lawmakers are considering a moratorium on powdered alcohol sales pending further study, Wilson advocates an outright ban.