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Lewandowski, Neighbors Settle Property Dispute

Oct 17, 2018

Corey Lewandowski during the 2016 election cycle.
Credit Josh Rogers / NHPR

Lawyers for President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and his neighbors on Wednesday said they have resolved most of the issues related to a testy property dispute.

Glenn and Irene Schwartz countersued Lewandowski after he filed a $5 million lawsuit over access to a pond-front property in Windham, New Hampshire. Lewandowski accused the couple of blocking an easement granted to him so he could reach the tract while the couple said he threatened them. Court documents indicate Lewandowski is building a garage at the property alongside a cottage.

Lewandowski's lawsuit has been dismissed while the Schwartz's have agreed to settle most of their claims except a running dispute over the use of a small easement that allows Lewandowski to access the property. A jury trial set for Tuesday was canceled.

"I think the settlement was in the interest of both parties," said Lewandowski's attorney William Sullivan, adding that the details remained confidential.

Lewandowski, who appears often on the Fox News Channel, remains a strong Trump booster and recently released a book with David Bossie, "Let Trump Be Trump."

In the countersuit, the Schwartz's accuse Lewandowski of repeatedly intimidating them, once coming out of his house with a baseball bat and another time yelling on the phone that he would "use his political connections and clout to shut down all building and work and make your life a nightmare with an expensive and extended lawsuit."

They also contend that Lewandowski disrupted electrical work necessary for a house they were building by blocking a power source with his pickup truck and illegally accessing a private well on their property.

While the two sides have settled many of their issues, they still have to resolve disagreement over a 20-foot-by-150-foot strip of land that Sullivan said provides the only access to Lewandowski's cottage.

Lewandowski has alleged that the Schwartz's had blocked access to the easement as he built his garage. The couple alleged Lewandowski allowed other parties, including his mother, to use the easement without authorization.

"It's the amount of usage," Sullivan said. "There is language in the easement that is in dispute and that will be litigated or resolved by the parties."