Let's Fix Washington

Sep 18, 2018

Former Congressmen David Jolly, a Republican, and Patrick Murphy, a Democrat, are travelling nationwide as part of their "Let's Fix Washington" initiative.  Jolly and Murphy, who were one-time rivals for a Senate seat, discuss how Congress got to its current state of division and gridlock and how, through bipartisan leadership, the nation’s political systems can function more effectively.  


  • Former Congressman David Jolly - represented Florida's 13th congressional district from 2014-17, and can often be seen as an analyst on CNN and MSNBC.
  • Former Congressman Patrick Murphy -  represented Florida's 18th district from 2013-2017.

 The Concord Coalition is presenting the two former congressmen on Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 12 noon at the Rudman Center at UNH Law in Concord for a free discussion on "Breaking Through Political Dysfunction and Faulty Fiscal Policy."

  For a refresher on how government works, check out NHPR's Civics 101 podcast. Watch a video of the discussion: