Less Medicine, More Health: A Conversation With Dartmouth's Dr. Gilbert Welch

Aug 25, 2015

Less Medicine, More Health. That’s the contradictory-sounding title of a new book by Dartmouth researcher and Doctor Gilbert Welch. It’s a challenge to the conventional wisdom among patients and providers that more testing and more treatment is always better.  Welch says in some cases, you can have too much health care – and can even be harmed by it.

This program was originally broadcast on 3/26/15.


  • Dr. Gilbert Welch – professor of Community and Family medicine at Dartmouth Medical School whose research has focused on the problems created by medicine's efforts to detect disease early. Dr. Welch has written for numerous periodicals including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and many major medical journals. His previous books include Should I Be Tested for Cancer? and Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health.

Dr. Welch explains the seven assumptions laid out in his book: