Lawmakers to Consider Raft of Vetoed Bills Today | New Hampshire Public Radio

Lawmakers to Consider Raft of Vetoed Bills Today

Sep 16, 2015

House and Senate members return to Concord this afternoon to consider 10 pieces of legislation passed earlier this year by the Legislature but vetoed by Gov. Maggie Hassan.

The two vetoed bills that make up the state budget, House Bills 1 and 2, have garnered most of the attention. But the rest of the vetoes cover a range of controversial topics: gun rights, voter registration laws, tax policy and several education related issues. (Scroll down for a full list and description of each bill.)

Each chamber of the Legislature will need to muster a two-thirds majority to overturn any of Hassan's vetoes. By and large, that's considered unlikely, given the partisan makeup of the House and Senate.

But, as long-time State House watchers know, anything's possible on a session day.

Credit Sara Plourde / NHPR