The Last of The Retail Politicians ?

Dec 21, 2011

The non-profit organization Americans Elect is making waves by petitioning for a national, online nominating process that would offer an alternative to the state-by-state primary nominating process. This isn’t the first – nor the only conversation about the relevance of holding early contests in small states, but brings to light a conundrum for lesser known and lesser funded candidates. In past elections, small campaigns could gain traction in New Hampshire and Iowa by meeting and winning over a significant portion of the electorate. These days, it seems momentum is spurred by national events, like televised debates. NHPR political reporter Josh Rogers has been on the ground for four election cycles in New Hampshire, and today, will be following former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer on assignment for NPR Roemer is an anti-establishment candidate who’s refused donations of more than one hundred dollars, and hasn’t been invited to participate in party debates…forcing him to bet on a retail-only campaign here in New Hampshire.


The End of Retail Politics

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