Lara Trump Raises Funds for N.H. GOP, Says of 2020: Let Democrats 'Battle It Out'

Apr 3, 2019

Lara Trump spoke April 2nd at a NHGOP fundraiser in Nashua.
Credit Robert Garrova / NHPR

President Trump's daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, headlined a fundraiser for the New Hampshire Republican Party in Nashua on Tuesday night. 


After criticizing the media, Lara Trump, who's also a senior campaign advisor to the president, pinpointed what she says would be a winning formula for Republicans in 2020:


"We're going to stay out of the Democrats' way and we're going to let them battle it out, right?"


Manchester resident Parson Hicks said she came to the fundraiser mainly to show support for President Trump. She doesn't want to see him challenged in a GOP primary. 


"Yeah, he's the president," she said. "So if someone tries to run against him, I'm going to take that personally. I'm a 20-year Republican and I feel it would be a great show of disrespect to run against the current president."


The Republican State Committee said it raised just under $70,000 from the event.