Lamontagne Stumps With Rubio And Former Governors

Oct 15, 2012

Flanked by Former Governors John Sununu, Steve Merrill, and Craig Benson, Ovide Lamontagne told a boisterous crowd  at Browns’ Lobster Pound in Seabrook, that the GOP needs to recapture  the office its held for only two of the last 16 years.  Lamontagne heaped special praise on Benson, N.H.'s last Republican Governor.

“It’s about time we reclaim our rightful place as the leaders of this state and renew the NH advantage and build on the Benson legacy. Thank you Governor Benson for your great service. We are going to build on that.”

When Florida Senator Marco Rubio took the podium, he stressed the virtues of the free enterprise system, and questioned whether Democratic candidate Maggie Hassan truly supports it.

"You want to know what’s at stake here in N.H., in this governor’s race?  Its your stake in the free enterprise system. Because your opponent, from everything I’ve read and from the chuckles from the audience here, is someone who is clearly not a believer in the free enterprise system. It does't make them bad people; it just makes them wrong."

N.H.'s Democratic party greeted Rubio’s visit by pointing to a speech Rubio made last year, when he said programs like Medicare and social security “have weakened us as a people.”