Lakeview CEO Says Facility Will Shut Down

May 20, 2015

Lakeview Neurorehabilitation Center will close its doors. This follows months of scrutiny after documented cases of abuse and neglect.

Lakeview CEO Chris Slover says if the state won’t allow the facility’s special education school to remain open, then he will not be able to keep the entire facility open – that includes an 88-bed treatment facility for people with brain injuries and other disabilities.

"I don’t have a choice. What they’re asking us to do is unrealistic," Slover says.

Stover spoke moments after the Board of Education rejected Lakeview’s appeal of an earlier decision that stripped the school of its certification.

Before the unanimous decision denying the appeal, board member Cindy Chagnon said Lakeview hasn’t met its commitments to the state.

"I just kept feeling the disconnect with what they were saying they have and what was actually happening with kids in the school," said Chagnon.

Lakeview has residents from all over the country, many of whom have been placed there, in part, to receive an education.

New Hampshire has already been pulling its residents and placing them in other facilities. The governor’s office says the state will communicate with other states to ensure for the safety of Lakeview residents.

Lakeview Systems operates facilities in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Slover says it’s possible he will sell the New Hampshire facility – or that 280 people here will be out of a job.