Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Mar 19, 2013

Credit Logan Shannon

The moniker, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper came to Mainer Aly Spaltro in a dream, and has been popping up on marquees up and down the East coast ever since. Not to mention online, where we read reviews of her captivating – almost spellbinding --  live performances and steady output of original, idiosyncratic music that we’re calling a mix between Feist and Nirvana.  Ripely Pine is her first studio album, and has already been featured by Time Magazine and NPR setting Lady Lamb well on her way to becoming a national name.

Check out Lady Lamb the Beekeeper performing live in NHPR's Studio D (Title song is the "Ode to Lady Lamb" soundcheck by Taylor Quimby, used without his permission):