Labrie Asking Judge For New Trial on Sexual Assault Conviction

Feb 21, 2017

St. Paul’s graduate Owen Labrie will present his case for a new trial this week in Concord. In 2015 Labrie was sentenced to one year in prison for having sex with a minor as well as using a computer to lure her.

Labrie is arguing that his lawyers did a poor job representing him during trial. 

Among his claims is that his legal team failed to properly defend him against the computer charge, which holds the harshest penalty and requires Labrie to register as a sex offender for life.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the defense will present its case through legal arguments as well as testimony. The state will also present its own evidence.

The hearing is scheduled to last up to four days. If the judge rules against a new trial, Labrie's appeal to the New Hampshire Supreme Court will move forward.