'King Tides' Could Cause Minor Flooding On Seacoast This Week | New Hampshire Public Radio

'King Tides' Could Cause Minor Flooding On Seacoast This Week

Oct 28, 2019

Unusually high king tides on parts of the Seacoast may cause flooding in the next few days.

The colloquial term refers to unusually high tides, over 10 feet on the Seacoast.  A series of those high tides are forecast through Wednesday. This can cause minor flooding on streets that border tidal areas, in towns like Hampton.

On Sunday, the beach town was also hit with rain and gusty winds. The tide inundated the back marsh of Hampton Beach, pushing some low-level flooding onto some streets.

Hampton residents are advised to move their vehicles off the roads, secure trash cans and take other precautions that are becoming increasingly commonplace.

The town is expected to see at least 50 tides above 10 feet this year – an increase from years past.

Hampton recently passed an ordinance requiring new construction in its wetlands conservation district to be built up on pilings. The aim is to prevent future flood damage as sea levels rise and cause higher, more routine high tides.