Kelly Says Threats To Abortion, Gay Rights Key Issues In Campaign Against Gov. Sununu

Jun 28, 2018

Credit Josh Rogers for NHPR

Democrat Molly Kelly says the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy should be a wake up call for Democrats.

Kelly says the threat to abortion rights and gay rights are reasons to back her over Governor Chris Sununu.

Molly Kelly still has a primary to win, but as she campaigned outside the superior court in Manchester, she was using rhetoric usually reserved for a the home stretch of a general election.

Standing before supporters holding signed with slogans like "Trust Women" and "Save Roe," Kelly said she always had, and always would, stand with women.

"Chris Sununu, on the other hand, stands with Mike Pence," she said. "He even kicked off his campaign with a fundraiser with Mike Pence right here in New Hampshire. Women cannot count on Chris Sununu."

When asked to point to specific things Sununu had done as governor to warrant such criticism, Kelly cited Sununu's votes on Planned Parenthood contracts when he was an Executive Councilor.

Sununu opposed one one but supported others. At once point, he also referred to Planned Parenthood as the bullies. Sununu identifies as pro-choice but say he opposes some late-term abortions.