Kasich Says He Makes Mistakes But Can Bring People Together

Aug 12, 2015

Credit Josh Rogers/NHPR

Republican John Kasich appears to be picking up steam in NH. The Ohio governor is climbing in the presidential polls,  and drawing growing crowds. At the Derry VFW hall  Wednesday, Kasich told his audience leadership is hard, and requires help from voters.

“We just have to get our public officials to have the courage to do what they have to do, but that means you have to give them a break too, because if you are yelling at them about your issue and I’m going to defeat you if you don’t vote my way. Well, you just have to take risks in politics.”

Kasich faced questions on immigration and education. He says the US needs to secure its border and cut funding to so-called sanctuary cities, but also allow people here illegally to stay if they are not breaking other laws.  On education, Kasich defended the common core education standards.