Kasich Returns On Book Tour And Tamps But Doesn't Snuff 2020 Speculation

Apr 27, 2017

Credit josh rogers/nhpr

Ohio Governor John Kasich visited St. Anselm College today.

The former presidential candidate says he was glad to be back but says he's not here to lay the groundwork for another presidential run.

While John Kasich drew a crowd that included some key supporters of his 2016 presidential run and a healthy media scrum, he was quick to make the bottom line goal of this visit clear.

"Well, I have an announcement to make, I'm back to sell books."

Specifically, his new book, Two Paths: America Divided or United.

At St. Anslem, Kasich shared some prescriptions for improving American's politics: More bipartisanship, redistricting reform, and getting citizens to spend 10 minutes a day reading something they disagree with.

When asked about future presidential plans, Kasich told reporters he feels a connection to the people of New Hampshire, but called any talk of another run, or any Republican challenging President Trump, premature.

"Right now it’s a lot of rhetoric, and his people are for him and other people are against him. He's a president, let’s give him a chance and see how it goes."

Kasich added Trump has sent a message with U.S. missile strikes in Syria and said he believed he's "toned down" his use of Twitter.