Kasich Outlines Foreign Policy Vision in N.H. Visit | New Hampshire Public Radio

Kasich Outlines Foreign Policy Vision in N.H. Visit

Sep 8, 2015

Ohio Governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich is promising to deal with ISIS sooner rather than later.

Speaking at a national security forum in Concord Tuesday, Kasich told an audience of about 50 that American ground troops are necessary to defeat ISIS. But when pressed about the number of soldiers it would require, he refused to get specific.

“I can’t tell you how many – enough to get the job done," said Kasich. "The most important thing for a commander-in-chief is to decide the direction. That’s the thrust of what a commander-in-chief has to do.”

Kasich also outlined the major themes of his foreign policy vision. Among them: reducing waste in the Pentagon, strengthening the U.S. Navy, and a revival of faith to win what he called "the battle of ideas" with Islamic extremism.