Kasich Backs Chris Sununu For Governor

Aug 29, 2016

Credit josh rogers/nhpr

Ohio Governor John Kasich has endorsed Chris Sununu's in the race for New Hampshire Governor.

In a state house news conference Kasich called Sununu  "a pragmatic conservative."

"He's solid, he's calm, he's in the best tradition of public service, which the Sununus' have always represented. And I'm going to be able to call him governor -- Chris Sununu -- soon, and I will hopefully have a little ante-office next time I'm back that he will reserve for me whether I'm in or out."     

Kasich's return is prompting speculation that he's looking towards a third presidential run. Back in February,

Kasich finished second to Donald Trump in the GOP primary here. His first stop on this visit was a meeting

with top local backers at Concord County Club. As he endorsed Sununu, Kasich said New Hampshire has

become his second favorite state. He also told reporters that every republican has to to what he termed "their

thing" regarding Donald Trump. Kasich, unlike Sununu, is refusing to support Trump for president.